Blackjack casino game with no overkill 21

Blackjack casino game with no overkill 21

Blackjack with no draw 21 is a variation of the game that differs from the traditional version with a set of interesting and unusual rules. It usually uses one or more standard fifty-four card decks (with two jokers). The game is played on a regular blackjack table.

The goal of No Bust Blackjack

To win at No Bust 21 BJ, you must score twenty-one points or a number of points as close to this amount as possible. In the case of overkill twenty-one points, the player does not lose immediately, and a unique rule comes into effect, which will be discussed below.

Dignity Cards

The oldest combination in this game is considered to be two jokers, which are paid in the ratio of 2:1. If such a combination comes simultaneously to the dealer and the player, a draw is declared.

  • Any card from the player or dealer combined with a joker results in twenty-one points. A further set of cards on this box is prohibited. The payout when winning is 1:1.
  • An Ace combined with any card worth ten points has no special status and also produces twenty-one points. If you win, the payout is calculated at a 1:1 ratio.
Blackjack casino

Otherwise, the cards have the same value as in classic blackjack.

The way to play blackjack without going overboard

Let’s list the main stages of the gameplay.

  1. Once bets have been made, the dealer deals the players and himself two cards each. He does not look at his bottom card.
  2. If the dealer has an open ace, the players must remain with the cards they received from the deal. They can not take cards, or refuse to continue the game, or use other rules.
  3. After all players have made their decisions on the boxes, the dealer opens his cards. He takes cards until he has seventeen or more points. On a “soft” seventeen, he also takes a card.
  4. When a player outscores twenty-one points, his box does not immediately lose. The cards and bet remain in place until the dealer reveals his cards and makes a set if necessary.

If the dealer also overshoots, the bets on the players’ boxes where the sum of points is closer to twenty-one than the dealer’s are not lost, but also not paid. If the same overshoot, the player loses.

Additional rules

During the game is allowed not only to take cards, but also to use additional features.

  • Split – two identical cards can be split. Ace splits are done once, and only one more card is dealt to those boxes.
  • Double – May be made on any of the first two cards, or after a split.
  • Surrender – May be played on any of the first two cards unless the dealer has a joker open.

You must always check all rules in every new version of the rules.

The Mathematics of No Bust 21 Blackjack

There is a basic blackjack strategy which can be followed to achieve a minimum casino advantage. Below is the data for the different number of decks involved in the game:

  • 1 deck – 1.71%
  • 2 decks – 1.82%
  • 4 decks – 1.88%
  • 6 decks – 1.89%
  • 8 decks – 1,89%

Although the rules of blackjack with no roll of 21 seem quite appealing to the player at first, the mathematical superiority of the casino is quite high. This is due to the lack of 3:2 payout for blackjack and some other disadvantageous rules (dealer’s catch-up card on “soft” seventeen and so on).

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